Why get an MBA?

MBA aspirants increasingly hear the question 'Is an MBA degree worth it?' MBA admissions have become so competitive that to get into a top 20 business school, you already have to be pretty good. This implies that the candidates coming in were in good positions, with good jobs and good salaries.  candidates bear a very high opportunity cost. There are just too many MBAs. In any given year, there are roughly 300,000 students pursuing an MBA program in US business schools. Today, the total cost of an MBA at a top US school is in the region of US $ 100,000.  

 Many candidates go into an MBA program seeking a career change. 

  'Is an MBA worth it?' Why has this become such a popular question? Why only in recent years? Has the MBA changed in many ways, or has it simply become more expensive? Does the large number of jobless MBAs MBA Programs Good Return on Investment? - MBA Programs 2 year full time MBA programs at a top school can cost you $ 100,000. Are MBA programs worth the expense? What kind of a return on investment can you expect from an MBA program? What if you don't get a job? Find out all this and more.

  What Do You Actually Gain From An MBA? Are those hundreds of thousands of MBA applicants annually making a mistake or do they hope to gain benefits that are not apparent? Get answers to these MBA questions here.

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