What is an MBA?

Master of Business Administration. An advanced university degree in business studies. At many schools, particularly in the United States, a bachelorís degree is generally required for admission.

 An advanced degree which became popular among managers in commercial organisations.

 aspirants commonly hear the question - 'Is an MBA worth it?' Why has this become such a popular question? Why only in recent years? Has the MBA changed in many ways, or has it simply become more expensive? Does the large number of jobless MBAs MBA Programs Good Return on Investment? - MBA Programs 2 year full time MBA programs at a top school can cost you $ 100,000. Are MBA programs worth the expense? What kind of a return on investment can you expect from an MBA program? What if you don't get a job? Find out all this and more.

 About Graduate School Looking for an MBA program?  Is the MBA Degree Worth it? Every year hundreds of thousands of students apply to MBA programs. At any point of time, there are about 300,000 students actually pursuing an MBA degree in the US. What attracts these candidates? What about the ever increasing doubts about.

 What Do You Actually Gain From An MBA? Are those hundreds of thousands of MBA applicants annually making a mistake or do they hope to gain benefits that are not apparent? Get answers to these MBA questions here.

 MBA in a Box Ok, here is an interesting book -- MBA in a Box. It attempts to bridge the gap between theory and practice by illustrating and explaining the core concepts that an MBA program teaches....  MBA Applications Decline Forty percent of business schools report a drop in applications for admission during the 2002-2003 school year. Fears over jobs, the economy, and how to finance the degree are to blame, according to this article on Msnbc.com.... 

Slightly under half of the students in medical school are women. Ditto for law school. But in the hunt for an MBA, women remain a definite minority ó about a third at the top schools."... 

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