How I saved with Student loan debt consolidation

 Recent grads have a real rate advantage

Consolidate Now!  Rates will increase!

Tuition is expensive, so most students graduate with at least some student loan debt -- and why not?  Consider your education an investment that will pay dividends for years.  But, who wants to pay more than they have to?

My Student Loan $60k at 1.875% = $274 / mo.

I started investigating student loan consolidation just before graduation, and learned that those who consolidate during their "grace period" get an unbelievably low fixed interest rate. Mine was 1.875%, but that was last year -- you can get 1.375%, but rates are on their way back up...    

FACT: This is a U.S. Department of Education Program, so you receive the exact same interest rate no matter which company you choose. So, you want to select the company that offers the best incentives benefits package.

The best incentive benefits
  • 1.00% discount 24 Payment Feature.
  • 0.50% discount Auto-Debit Feature
  • 0.60% Grace Period Discount

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