The second GMAT tip:

Intelligence is not what the GMAT tests.
Learn the correct approach to the GMAT test.

When I took my first online gmat practice test, I figured my math degree would boost my score on the quantitative questions. I was shocked to learn how un-ready I was to take the real GMAT exam.

Don't repeat the same mistake twice!

This was worse than the feeling I had after taking the SAT test years back (without professional preparation). I am a true DIY-er, but I was about to invest years of hard work and thousands in tuition for an MBA, and I needed to be test-ready. Self-study just didn't work for me before.

Invest in a top-notch, professional GMAT prep course.

I did. And it allowed me to get into my first choice of MBA programs. Had I skipped the course to save a little cash, I would have concentrated too little on some important GMAT concepts that are not obvious without the guidance of an expert GMAT instructor. 

The quality of your GMAT instructor

is even more important than the course itself. I invested a little extra for personal instruction that leveraged my prep course and self-study efforts and boosted my GMAT score. 

This is only half of it -- you need to know how to study on your own to nail the timing.

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